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velvet headband storage pouch, Headband Velvet Storage Pouch

Headband Velvet Storage Pouch

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A beautiful velvet storage pouch, for your bedazzled headband. It helps you protect the sparkly crystal beads 

Our elegant headband thick velvet storage pouch protects the beautiful headband centerpiece and sparkly crystal beads when storing your headbands. 

The headband velvet storage pouch is 6x8 inches large and has a double drawstring closure. The double drawstring helps to fasten and loosen the pouch safely, and creates a tight and snug closure, making them easy to open and close.  

It is ideal to use when traveling, to protect the headband's adornments and crystal beads from scratches. 

The product is the headband velvet storage pouch. The headband from the photo is for prop purposes only!