Our Story

The Story of our Sparkly, Adjustable Headbands

My name is Magda, and my husband and I make dazzling, flexible headbands for women and girls, that won’t ever cause a headache or pinch behind your ears. These comfortable, no headache headbands are made of spring steel covered with satin and are embellished with upcycled earrings, brooches, pendants, genuine semi-precious stones and/or handmade lamp-work beads, Austrian/Czech crystals, mother of pearl & abalone shells.
We like to think of our sparkly crystal headbands for women and girls not so much as jewelry, but functional hair accessories, which can double as “hair jewelry”. They were developed out of necessity. It was a time when I had to wear headbands for work. The regular hard plastic headbands were too tight, causing a headache after short use, especially since I’m wearing eyeglasses as well. We started experimenting with different materials we could utilize, to make a headband which is comfortable to the point that I forget I’m wearing it.
The elegant and stylish, luxury crystal headbands make one-of-a-kind hair ornaments for prom, beauty pageants, sweet sixteen parties, and bridesmaids.
Every headband is a unique hair accessory, fit to be worn by anybody to any occasion by itself or with the matching earrings. They are fun and functional add-ons to any outfit, bringing a splash of color to jeans or an extra spark to a little black dress.