Q - Headbands always give me a headache! Is it true that your headbands are genuinely painless?

A - Yes, it is! If you ever have a headache with any of our headbands, they weren't adjusted properly. When you buy them in person at one of the events we participate as vendors, we make sure that by the time you leave, the headband fits comfortably. 

If you purchase a headband from our website, please follow this short movie on how to adjust your headband.

Q - Will the headband fit a child, or they are adult sizes only?

A - All our headbands are adjustable. They can be adjusted to fit adults or children please follow the above video.

Q - Are the crystal beads and/or the centerpiece glued on? Will they fall off?

A - No, the crystal beads and/or the centerpiece are not glued on. They are hand-wired on for a durable construction.

Q - I'm too old to wear a headband, or I have short hair! (these are comments we hear often, until the person tries on a headband)

A - Our headbands are versatile hairpieces, perfect for any hairstyle, and age-appropriate for anybody. We like to think of them as functional hair accessories, which double as distinctive hair jewelry. 

Q - Are the headbands durable?

A - Many of our customers still wear their headband, purchased 5 years ago.

Q - The wire broke on my headband. What can I do about it?

A - We do offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our headbands. As long as you cover the round trip shipping cost (from you to us and back to you), we will be happy to rewire and re-bead your headband free of cost, regardless how long ago did you purchase it. Please contact us to work out the particulars (even if you lost some of the beads). Broken centerpieces due to mishandling as well as fair wear and tear, are not covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty.