Aqua Crystal Beads Headband
flexible headband embellished with sparkly aqua and white crystal beads, Aqua Crystal Beads Headband
adjustable headband embellished with sparkly aqua and white Austrian crystal beads, Aqua Crystal Beads Headband

Aqua Crystal Beads Headband

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This headband is designed with comfort in mind, and features shimmering Austrian crystal beads in a mesmerizing aqua hue.  

The eye-catching Aqua Crystal Beads Headband is an elegant and adjustable accessory designed for all hair lengths and styles. Featuring an undulated pattern of radiant crystal beads along the side, this sleek headband can upgrade any ensemble to create an eye-catching look for any age.

  • The lustrous crystal beads are securely hand-wired in place, providing a long-lasting design.
  • The flexible metal is lightweight yet robust and can be molded to the shape of your head, offering a secure fit that is entirely comfortable without painful pressure or headaches.
  • The adjustable band is swathed in black fabric for a fashionable presentation.
  • Assiduously constructed with precision, this hair ornament is engineered to endure through years of continuous use.
  • Additionally, ergonomically designed, the rubber tips at the bottom of the band provide comfort behind the ears that lasts all day.